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I Finally Got My First Poetry Book Up On Kindle, It's Live at Right Now!

Here It is My First Kindle Book:

Author- Self Publishing Poet ~Donald Beres Jr.

The Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man: Book I "Breakfast Sandwiches" 

A collection of some of this Poet's first original works; some from Night School 1981. And some created shortly after his divorce from his wife of ten and half years in 2001. Since 2010 this Poet has been self publishing his work upon the World Wide Web as well as trying to build a Traffic Wheel of passive residual website(s) to produce residual income streams from his works.

Product Details

  • File Size: 1624 KB
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Donald Beres Jr - Self Publishing Poet; 1 edition (August 8, 2015)
  • Publication Date: August 8, 2015
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled 
  • X-Ray:
  • Word Wise: Not Enabled
  • Lending: Enabled
  • Enhanced Typesetting: Not Enabled

Author's Bio; Donald Beres Jr./ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Google Search Images for Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Who is Sinbad the Sailor Man? Well wouldn't we all like to know, who we really are?

He is nobody special yet, at least not in the writing industry. He was born Donald Beres Jr. in Hammond Indiana,  to Carol Ann (Muskin) Beres and Donald Beres of Pennsylvania.

Donald's Mother divorced his natural father and married Wayne L. Douglas. The couple thought it easier to conceal the fact of his mother's divorce from Donald's natural father.

He was raised in Hobart, Indiana as Donnie Douglas until about the age of sixteen.When he found out that his mother had him by her first husband.

Donnie found this out shortly after attending Hobart Junior High. He took this news in stride but did not realize the damage that this and the lies that followed about his natural father and half sister would eventually unfold later in life.

He attended until his Sophomore year. He Letter in Football and Wrestling during his Freshmen year.

In 1980 he left before graduation to go to Portage Adult Night School so he could join the US Navy with two of his childhood friends; on the Navy's Buddy System.

But because of budget cuts that semester. Donnie was delayed six months and missed going through Boot Camp with his two Buddies.

As a result he would no longer qualify for the twenty yrs and out full retirement. Instead he would need to do thirty years to receive that option. Donnie's two buddies both took full advantage of that option.

On Aug 23rd 1985 Donald was Honorable Discharged from the US Navy.

Donald met Donna L. Se Doris who was seven years his junior in 1998 and in Aug 25th 1990 they were married. They had three children together until their Divorce in  March of 2001.

Donald is still a divorced middle aged man, who has three great kids, one curly headed girl and two boys. Donald is the Grandfather of two one of each a girl and a boy with more on the way. 

He is a US Navy Veteran, a would be Poet, a soon to be freelance writer, he hopes.

He is a dyslectic, he is a dreamer of dreams and an inventor of things, he is a decent pool player, a certified Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver, although he hasn't dove since 1990

He still holds, Certifications in Night diving, Deep diving, Search and Recovery diving, and he is an Underwater Vehicle Specialist, an ex-welder, and a guy who likes to ride Motorcycles. Donald likes to play Eight ball and Nine ball Billiards and has shown a growing interest in One Pocket.

He started writing Poetry way back in Night School 1980. Donald started after a short falling out with his Mother over being lied to about his true identity.  He started writing again, about six months after his divorce. From his wife of ten and a half years.Which he strongly took as a betrayal by his first true love.

He has been writing off and on ever since. He has had several Back Surgeries and others most on his lower back.  Although he was disabled December 1998  and has been on Disability since. He has made several attempts to return to full duty work, but failed and remains on Disability to this day.

He has a very bad short term memory problem, brought on by almost nine years of prescription drug use, mostly pain killers. He has bouts of depression from time to time and has contemplated and attempted suicide twice.

These attempts were early on in his disability. While he was on strong Pain Killers. The ones that one should also be put on anti-depressants with. Donald was not! He attributes his attempts on his life to this lack of proper medication.

Among these annoying problems he has other small annoying ticks and clicks that keep him from holding down any normal nine to five job for too long.

One of his attempts to return to work was as a semi truck driver. He drove for about five months but, his eyes started to fail due to high blood pressure and now he has severe night blindness, so he can't drive semi truck at night any more. He drove a taxi for about five months after getting New Glasses but has since given up on trying to drive commercially.

While Driving over the road his only daughter was Life flighted to Chicago's Children's Hospital from Indiana by helicopter. Donald dropped a load of rubber and drove from Saint Louis Missouri, He stated to his dispatcher the thing is floored and It wasn't stopping until I got there or It burnt up!

His daughter was later diagnosed with Type One Childhood Diabetes. 

Donald is back to writing poetry short stories, and trying different Inter Net jobs, which he has not yet mastered any of those either.

There you have it! Donald States that he is an average guy. With no place to go but up! Because if he gets any lower, they'll have to put him down and in the ground.

"By The Grace of GOD There Go I"

One of Donald's Favorite Bible Quotes

Another of his favorites is

"Unto Death Do We Part"

Sinbad the Sailor Man/ Donald Beres Jr.
 alias "Donnie Douglas"


Don't have your very own Kindle yet? Get one of these here; or a different model at

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Hey All How You Doing? Me I am a Little Better Now!

As I believe I have gotten the Site at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Com under control.

Here is what the deal was my Hub and site “Sinbad The Sailor Man Dot Com” was acting up and when I put a ticket in I found out It has been UN supported for the last Year! But Now what is left of it and still up and working is at Sinbadthesailorman Dot Info.

I am currently Rebuilding the PW&OSfStSM Site at a WordPress Themed Site. It will still be Hosted at and It will have the Original Dot Com address

The Dot Info should be Up but, It may not be Fully Functioning not even as well as It did Yesterday! And It will decline in functionality as time goes by. There is nothing I can do about It as of today Its a third party website builder for Fatcow and It is being phased out! But like a way Back Site you'll be able to see what It is and was.

This Post will be a site wide Posting and you will see It at all my sites and on my FaceBook pages,, and wherever else I can think about getting It up and then remember to do so.

 The New Wordpress Theme is Visible

But appears nothing like a Wordpress theme and It Won't for a good week and a half most likely. But the Addresses of both sites are showing up as Up and they are something and Bits and Pieces of both. They are not completely restored and the Old Website won't be to my understanding as I mentioned above here. So this is why I am putting this Info Out too you all. So you don't think I built a bunch of totally useless crap and slapped It up trying to make a buck.

Well I got to Run because I am under the Gun Here and I need to try and save the Christmas rush earnings ability If I can If Not Oh well It Looks like Easter and St Valentines Day will be my next chance to earn with and my other Affiliates.

Stuff Happens and It will Happen When You Least Expect It! Especially If You Don't Stay On Top of Things!

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Nick Varner vs Johnny Archer~ 8-Ball at Galveston World Classic 2009

Nick Varner (born May 15, 1948 in Owensboro, Kentucky) is an American pool player and was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America in 1992.[1]

Nick Varner at Mosconi Cup in 2008

Nick Varner (born May 15, 1948 in Owensboro, Kentucky) is an American pool player and was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America in 1992.[1]


Nick D. Varner graduated from Tell City High School in Tell City, Indiana in 1966.

Varner learned to play pool in his father's (Nick Varner) pool hall in Grandview, Indiana.

After graduating from high school, Varner gained notoriety on the professional pool scene after he won two ACU-I Intercollegiate Championships while attending Purdue University.

A cliché given to Varner was "Speak softly and carry a big stick" because of the way he conducted himself as well as his competitive endeavors.[2]

In 1989, Varner became only the second man to earn over $100,000 in prize winnings accumulating 16 major nine-ball events and was "Player of the Year" in 1980 and 1989.

Varner is also an author, a video personality, a pool room proprietor, a manufacturer's representative, and an exhibition player.


  • 1970 ACU-I Inter Colleagiate Championship
  • 1975 Midwest Open 9-Ball
  • 1979 Lexington All-Star Tournament
  • 1980 Professional Pool Players Association World Open 14.1 Pocket Billiard Championship
  • 1980 Billiard Congress of America National Eight-ball Championship
  • 1980 Kentucky Derby Open
  • 1980 BCA 8-Ball Qualifier
  • 1980 Illinois 9-Ball Open
  • 1981 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
  • 1982 Professional Pool Players Association World Nine-ball Championship
  • 1982 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
  • 1982 Bowling Green Open, Bank
  • 1982 Prestonburg Open 9-Ball
  • 1982 Owensboro Open 9-Ball
  • 1983 McDermott Masters Champion 9-Ball
  • 1983 San Jose Open 9-Ball
  • 1983 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
  • 1983 National Open 9-Ball
  • 1983 Fresno Open 9-Ball
  • 1984 Kentucky Open 9-Ball
  • 1984 Tennessee State 9-Ball
  • 1985 Tennessee State 9-Ball
  • 1985 Zurich Open 9-Ball
  • 1986 Professional Pool Players Association World 14.1 Championship
  • 1986 Charlotte Open
  • 1986 Sacramento Open 9-Ball
  • 1986 Midwest Open 9-Ball
  • 1987 McDermott Masters 9-Ball
  • 1988 Glass City Open 9-Ball
  • 1988 Scranton Invitational 9-Ball
  • 1988 Tennessee State 9-Ball
  • 1988 Sands Regent 9-Ball
  • 1989 US Open 9-Ball
  • 1989 MPBA Brunswick World Championship
  • 1989 Rak'em Up 9-Ball Classic
  • 1989 Knoxville 9-Ball Open
  • 1989 Governors Cup 9-Ball
  • 1989 Glass City Open 9-Ball
  • 1989 Sand Regent 9-Ball Open
  • 1989 Golden 8-Ball Invitational
  • 1989 Scranton Open 9-Ball
  • 1989 Lexington All Star Open
  • 1989 Akron Open 9-Ball
  • 1990 US Open 9-Ball
  • 1990 World Series Championship
  • 1990 Challenge Match, Vs. Efren Reyes, 9-Ball 60-47
  • 1990 Al Romero Classic 9-Ball
  • 1990 West End All Around Shoot Out
  • 1991 Rak'em Up 9-Ball
  • 1992 Super Bowl XXVI Billiard Championship
  • 1992 Legends of One Pocket, International One Pocket Tournament
  • 1993 Lexington All Star Open
  • 1994 International Challenge of Champions
  • 1994 World 8-Ball Championship
  • 1994 Lexington All Star Open
  • 1996 Sands Regent 9-Ball
  • 1996 J.O.B One Pocket
  • 1996 One Pocket
  • 1996 9-Ball
  • 1997 Mosconi Cup, Team America
  • 1997 J.O.B. 9-Ball
  • 1997 Sands Regent 9-Ball Open
  • 1998 Mosconi Cup, Team America
  • 1999 WPA World 9-Ball Champion
  • 1999 World Championship 9-Ball Bank
  • 1999 Steve Mizerak Tulsa Senior Open 9-Ball
  • 2000 World One Pocket Championship
  • 2000 Derby City Classic One Pocket
  • 2000 Steve Mizerak Senior Masters Open 9-Ball
  • 2001 The "Superman Classic" Open Tournament
  • 2001 Mosconi Cup Team America
  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, CM's Place
  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, Kiss Shot Billiards
  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, Capone's Billiards
  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocekt Tour, Sharp Shooters
  • 2001 Hard Times One Pocket
  • 2002 Border Battle, Team USA Vs Team Canada
  • 2002 Patriot Cup
  • 2002 Jacksonville 9-Ball Open
  • 2002 Glass City Open 9-Ball
  • 2003 Pechauer 9-Ball Stop #7
  • 2003 Mosconi Cup, Team America, Captain
  • 2003 Border Battle, Team USA VS Team Canada
  • 2004 Border Battle, Team USA VS Team Canada
  • 2007 Great Southern 9-Ball Tour, Big Orange Classic
  • 2014 Durbin Cup

 "Nick Varner Custom Cues"

Nick's Bio:  Currently considered by many the world's Best All-Around and Best 9-Ball Player, Nick Varner picked up his first pool cue at age five when his father, Nicholas, bought a small pool room in Grandview, Indiana.

The young farm boy soon became a familiar sight in the pool room pulling a coke case around the table so that he could reach the shots on the table.

By the time he graduated from high school, Varner had become a top local player.

Despite his home town reputation, Varner avoided pool rooms during his first semester at Purdue-figuring a farm boy would be outclassed.

However, one day early in his second semester, Varner dropped into the billiard room and asked if anyone wanted to play.

Richard Baumgarth, soon to National Collegiate Champion, stepped forward. Even though he had not played in months, Varner trailed Baumgarth by only four games after two hours of play.

During the next three years, Varner practiced daily, and his game improved. In 1969 and in 1970, he won back-to-back National Collegiate Championships.

In 1970, Nick received another boost to his confidence as a player when top pro Joe Balsis visited Purdue for an exhibition. During a game between Balsis and Varner, Nick ran 58 balls, beating Joe 150-148.

Later, Balsis remarked to the press, "Nick has a lot of potential."

After college, Nick took his "potential" on the road playing an aggressive schedule of tournaments and exhibitions.

In August 1980, his lifetime dream of winning the World Championship came true in New York City.  Three months later, he also won the 1980 BCA National 8-Ball Championship, prompting Billiards Digest  to name him Player Of The Year.

1981 was a heart-breaker for Varner, when he narrowly missed repeating by finishing second in both tournaments.

However, in 1982, Varner captured the World 9-Ball Championship in Atlantic City.

ABC Televised the tournament on Wide World Of Sports with Howard Cosell as commentator.

In 1986, Nick again won the World Championship in Philadelphia, which ESPN televised.

1989 was a dream year for Nick.  He won everything in sight, including 11 Pro Tour Events out of 22.  This record is one that may never be equaled.

Two of his Championships in 1989 included the World Championship and the US Open 9-Ball Championship.

Throughout his career, Nick Varner has established himself as one of the all-time greats of the game.  His skill, strategy and and cue ball control are legendary.

Writer Ben Lucien Burman, probably summed it up best after watching Nick perform at the Players Club in New York, when he said "To watch Nick Varner at a pool table is like watching a portrait  being painted by Rembrandt."

Since 1980, Nick Varner has racked up over 80 tournament championships, including 8 World Championships.

In 1992, he was ranked #1 All-Around Player and #1 9-Ball Player by his peers in the Men's Professional Billiards Association.

In July 1992, he was inducted into the Billiards Congress of America Hall of Fame.

In 1994, Nick finished the year as the number one player on the Pro Billiards Tour and captured Player Of The Year Honors for the fourth time.

In route to Player Of The Year honors, he won the world 8-Ball Championship and the Challenge of Champions.

In 1999, Nick Won to World Titles. Early in the year, he won the World Bank Pool Championship in Louisville Kentucky.

Nick closed out the year by winning the WPA World 9-Ball Championship in Alicante, Spain.

Also in 1999, Nick started to compete on Steve Mizerak's Senior Tour.

He won Player Of The Year Honors his first year on the tour.

During 2000, Nick added his 8th World Title by winning the World Title in One Pocket in Portland, Maine.

Nick is the only player of all time to win World Championships in 5 different games.

The other Major Team Event in 2002 was the Border Battle in toronto, Canada at Dave and Buster's. The event featured Team USA and Team Canada.

Television and Promoter Jimmy Wych put the event together and it was filmed by TSN (Canada's Total Sports Network). Nick was Captain of Team USA and was lucky enough to win a hill battle with Canada's Team Captain Cliff Thorburn to help pocket the win for Team USA.

A living legend in pocket billiards, Nick Varner has become one of the sport's most popular and sought after celebrities.

Through his many television appearances, exhibitions, magazine articles, books, instructional videos and TV commentary, Nick Varner shares his remarkable expertise and enthusiasm with millions of pocket billiard players throughout the world.

Nick Varner Exhibitions
Hire Nick for your next billiard function, whether it be public or private, you're sure to be amazed watching what an eight time world champion and BCA Hall Of Famer can do with a cue stick!

Nick's show package includes:
  • Trick Shot Show
  • Basic Pool Fundamentals Session
  • Q&A Session
  • Challenge games with those in attendance
  • Autograph session with color photos
  • Poster, Pictures and materials to help you promote your event

Nick's Requirements are:
  • Professionally leveled pool table
  • A set of nice clean pool balls
  • Master Chalk
  • Wireless Headset or clip on microphone
  • Good lighting
  • Everyone that attends to have a great and enjoyable experience!
 For pricing and to schedule Nick to attend your event, please contact us at: (270)-926-4248 or (800) 626-8408

Sources:, Nick Varner Custom Cues

Nick Varner Custom Cues
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Earl Strickland~ "Earl Strickland The Story"


Published on Dec 2, 2013

[FULL] - Earl Strickland The Story The greatest ever

Bob Dylan - The times they are a changing (watchmen soundtrack)
James Blake - Retrograde

Earl "The Pearl" Strickland (born June 8, 1961 in Roseboro, North Carolina) is an American professional pool player who is considered one of the best nine-ball players of all time. 

He has won numerous championship titles and, in 2006, was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame.[1] 

He is also known as one of the sport's most controversial players for his outspoken views and his sometimes volatile behavior at tournaments.

Earl Strickland

Early days

Strickland started playing pool at the age of 9. After intensive practice, he entered his first professional tournament aged 15.


Strickland rose to national prominence in 1983 with a victory in Lake Tahoe.[2]

This was followed in 1984 by the Caesars Palace Pro Billiard Classic in Las Vegas.

According to sources, Strickland played "like a polished gem."

He was beginning to be a dominant force on the tournament trail and recognized as a future world champion.

He had the "skill, endurance, patience, temperament, and tenacity of which champions are made."[3] Because of his dominance, Strickland was named The National Billiard News Player of the Year in 1984.[4]

He won the 1988 World Open championship, after a momentous final confrontation between himself and Mike 'Captain Hook' Sigel".

A 45-second shot clock was used to monitor each shot because the tournament was being recorded for broadcast for a seven-week series.

At the conclusion, Sigel commented he could feel the pressure of being clocked. Strickland, on the other hand, said they "could have made it only 30 seconds between shots, and it wouldn't have mattered."[5]

At the 2004 Derby City Classic, a week-long multiple tournament event held every January in Louisville, Kentucky, Strickland was one of six competitors in a nine-ball ring game.

Veteran Grady Mathews, when introducing Strickland, says that when Strickland is in the house, "A hush ensues, and there is an expectation" due to his brilliant shot-making capabilities and unpredictable behavior.[6]

In May 2012, Strickland approached the Clann Eireann Pool Team with a view to signing a 2-year contract, although negotiations have now stalled pending a team discussion.

Awards and accolades

Strickland is a multiple winner of the prestigious Player of the Year Award,[7] and his career highlights include five wins at the U.S. Open Nine-ball Championships (more than any other professional pool player worldwide), and the WPA World Nine-ball Championships.

Strickland is the only WPA World Nine-ball Champion ever to win the event in consecutive years. He was also an ever-present player for the American team in the annual Mosconi Cup tournament, from its inauguration in 1994, up until 2009.

Strickland once ran 11 consecutive racks against Nick Mannino during the first PCA tournament in 1996 where there was a stipulation that anyone who could break and run 10 racks would win US$1,000,000.[8]

Jimmy Mataya, who was present at the event, witnessed Strickland's last shot, a tough nine-ball combination in which Earl showed no fear and "fired it in with authority" to win the prize.[6]

For 2007, he was ranked #6 in Pool & Billiard Magazine's "Fans' Top 20 Favorite Players" poll.[9]



Strickland has engaged in exchanges with fans, players, referees, and tournament officials.

His 2003 World Pool Championship match with snooker star Steve Davis was particularly notorious.

Before the match, Strickland had given a particularly charged interview with a Sky Sports reporter, in which he complained that fans had been disrespectful to him (booing when his name had been broadcast over the PA), and that the event "revolves around Davis" (the event was organized by Matchroom Sport, which was headed by Davis's manager Barry Hearn, while Sky's coverage had featured Davis heavily to win an audience in the UK).

He also appeared upset that Sky Sports had shown numerous replays during the build up to the match of Davis beating him in the previous year's Mosconi Cup, the match which settled the event in favour of Team Europe.

During the match, Strickland entered the arena visibly downbeat, and after beginning the match in a quiet mood, Strickland soon began to engage in heated verbal arguments with fans and then referee Michaela Tabb.

TV microphones caught him using foul language to one member of the crowd, then telling Tabb to "shut up" when she reprimanded him.

In response, Davis made use of his entitlement to take a break in the match.

(Davis admitted later that the timing of this was intentional, leaving Strickland to the mercy of the crowd.)

During the gap, Strickland put his fingers in his ears to block out the crowd's support for Davis, to the derision of the crowd, who mocked the gesture, and cheered loudly for Davis whenever Strickland took his fingers out.

Late in the match, he responded to Davis' missing of an easy shot by sharply leaping out of his chair, fists aloft, shouting to the crowd "Yeah! He dogged it!"

When Davis took a second break, Strickland loudly complained that players were only entitled to a single break, telling the crowd "He's Steve Davis, he can do what he likes," another reference to his belief that Davis's status at Matchroom Sport afforded him special treatment.

Strickland's tirade against Davis, the crowd, and the rules of the event, continued through the main part of a post-match interview, before visibly calming and apologizing for his behavior.[10]

After admitting regret over his reactions during the encounter with Davis, Strickland entered the arena for his next match carrying a bunch of flowers which he gave to Tabb by way of an apology, and proceeded to play in a much calmer manner for the remainder of the event.[11]

Davis would go on to liken his match with Strickland to his 1980s snooker matches against Alex Higgins, another player noted for his combination of impressive play and enigmatic behavior.

Mosconi Cup

At the 2006 Mosconi Cup, which took place at Rotterdam, Netherlands between December 7 and 10, the audience was loud, cheering and blowing horns when rooting for Team Europe.

During a match with Nick van den Berg, someone shouted from the audience for Strickland to "shut up" since he had continued talking while opponents were taking their shots.

The noise was so intense that referee Michaela Tabb warned spectators they could be thrown out of the arena if they persisted.[12]

Strickland broke his cue out of frustration during his match against Thomas Engert, smashing it against the floor after a failed attempt at a shot.

He replaced the broken shaft and went on to win the match 7-4.[13]

One year later, the 2007 Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas saw Strickland complain strongly about the misbehavior of European players and fans, reaching its peak in a particularly bad-tempered clash between himself and reigning world champion Daryl Peach where the referee (again Michaela Tabb) had to separate the two amid fears their animosity might turn violent.

Whereas most matches in the event were followed by live TV interviews with both players, Strickland refused to participate, while the normally mild-mannered Peach stated "Strickland is the scum of the Earth, everyone knows that." Given the opportunity to retract the statement moments later by the interviewer, he declined.

The next year, 2008, saw the Mosconi Cup played in Portomaso, Malta. Strickland's open night match again saw him repeatedly argue with European fans in the crowd, and also repeatedly comment aloud that the table was playing too easily.

In a post-match interview, he stated that it was bad for the sport if the public sees top players in a high profile event using a table that was clearly playing more easily than a standard club table.

When the crowd gave a mixed reaction to his comments, he turned to the spectators and attempted to rally them by calling "Do you want to see us have an easy time out here? Or do you want to see these guys shit on themselves?"

Presenter Andy Goldstein immediately apologized to viewers, an action that prompted Strickland to further argue that such language is acceptable, citing Tiger Woods as a fellow sportsman who has used such language on TV without being challenged.

Asked about the possibility of banning Strickland from future events for his behavior, Matchroom Sports founder Barry Hearn stated he would always want Strickland to participate in the firm's events, since his presence "guarantees drama and unpredictability."

Strickland, though, would be dropped by the USA team for the 2009 Mosconi Cup and was not selected again for the next three years before returning to the team in 2013.




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Pool Hotties~ "Shoot to Thrill...Play to Kill"

Rack Starz Youtube:

Shanelle Loraine

Shanelle Loraine

Jeanette Lee

 Jasmin Oushan


Yu Ram Cha

 Cha Yu-Ram


This is only a preview check the ladies out at their site; Source: 


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Hong Kong, 1996 - Efren Reyes Battles Earl Strickland~ "The Color of Money"

Uploaded on May 4, 2009
Hong Kong, 1996 - Efren Reyes battles Earl Strickland for US$100,000 in a race to 120 challenge match dubbed the Color of Money.

Efren Reyes
Efren Reyes in the World 9-Ball Pool Championship.jpg
Born August 26, 1954 (age 59)
Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Sport country  Philippines
Nickname Bata (Kid)
The Magician
Reyes was born in Pampanga in 1954.

He moved to Manila with his family at the age of 5.

In Manila, he worked as a billiards attendant at his uncle's billiards hall, where he started learning the various cue sports.

Because he was not tall enough to reach the pool table, he played while standing on Coca-cola cases that he moved around. At night, while he was dreaming of playing pool, the pool table was his bed.[citation needed]

He is called Bata, which is Filipino for "Kid", because there was another older pool player named Efren when he was young.

To distinguish between the two, he was referred to as Efren Bata.

Gambling from a young age, Reyes played three cushion billiards in the 1960s and 1970s.

After establishing himself as a winner, he was discovered by promoters.

This gave him the opportunity to compete in big time tournaments.

During the 1980s, when Reyes was considered a top-class player in his homeland but not yet internationally recognized, he went to the U.S. to hustle.

Popular legend claims that Reyes earned US$80,000 in a week; this feat made him a folk hero back home.[1]

Reyes began winning a number of tournaments in the U.S., Europe and parts of Asia.

Thus, he started to gain attention and recognition worldwide. At the start of his career, he used aliases to hide his identity so he would be allowed to compete.

By the mid-1990s, he had become one of the elite players of the Philippines, alongside Jose Parica and Francisco Bustamante.
 Although Strickland was the first to win the WPA World 9-ball Championship, Reyes, in 1999, became the first to win while it was broadcast on television.

This tournament was not recognized at the time by the WPA, but Reyes was later retrospectively acknowledged as the winner of one of two world championships held in 1999.

Nick Varner won the "official" world title.

The two tournaments were merged for the following year, with both men listed as the champion for 1999.

At the time, the Matchroom Sport-organised event in Cardiff, Wales, was called the World Professional Pool Championship (despite the entry of many non-professional players).

Earl Strickland

Earl "The Pearl" Strickland (born on June 8, 1961, Roseboro, North Carolina) is an American professional pool player and was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 2006.[1]

He is considered one of the best nine-ball players of all time.

Earl has won numerous championship titles within a 25-year time span, and also one of the most controversial, for his often-outspoken views and sometimes volatile behavior at tournaments.

Source: Wikipedia

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Johnny Archer vs. Charlie Williams~ Turning Stone XVII

Published on Dec 19, 2013
Johnny Archer vs. Charlie Williams - Turning Stone XVII - Nine Ball - Race to 9 - Captured Live on Ustream at

Johnny Archer vs Charlie Williams at the World 14.1 Tournament in New Brunswick, NJ. The $35,000 added event was hosted by the Hyatt Regency Hotel and took place August 29 through September 2, 2011.

Dragon Promotions produced the World 14.1 Tournament and the Straight Pool Hall of Fame banquet which inducted Jerome Keough and Ray "Cool Cat" Martin.

Johnny Archer (born November 12, 1968 in Waycross, Georgia) is an American professional pool player. He is nicknamed "the Scorpion" (his zodiac sign is Scorpio, and one of his sponsors is Scorpion Cues). On June 8, 2009, Johnny Archer was nominated to be inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame.[1]

Early days 

Archer grew up with his two brothers and two sisters in Twin City, Georgia, and began playing pool at the age of 12.[2]


He is one of the most successful nine-ball players of the past two decades, having won the majority of the game's major tournaments at least once, culminating in his being named Billiards Digest Player of the Decade at the end of the 1990s. Archer is a two-time WPA World Nine-ball Champion, winning in both 1992 when he defeated Bobby Hunter, and later again in 1997 after beating Lee Kun-fang of Chinese Taipei (Taiwan).

Johnny Archer in 2008 with one of his many devoted fans.

He was also a runner-up the following year, losing in the final to Takahashi Kunihiko of Japan. He was the 1999 US Open champion, and has won over 60 professional tournaments throughout his career.

He has also been a regular on the successful US Mosconi Cup team, having joined them a record fifteen times, winning on nine of those occasions.

The US's only losses with Archer in the roster came in 2002, when they were beaten 9-12 by Europe, 2007, when Team USA lost 9–12, in 2008 when Team USA lost 11-5, and in 2011 when Team USA lost 11-7. He has captained the American side since 2004, retaining the Cup on each occasion until the 2007 upset (the 2006 event was a 12–12 draw in Rotterdam, Netherlands with the US retaining the trophy on account of being the current holders of it).

In 2003, one of Archer's most successful years, he won tournaments such as Sudden Death Seven-ball[3] and the first World Summit of Pool.[4]

Archer also won the 2006 US$50,000 winner-take-all International Challenge of Champions by defeating Thorsten Hohmann in the finals.[5]

In 2007, he won the Texas Hold 'Em Billiards Championship. While in the 2005 event, the entire purse was awarded to the winner, in the 2007 event, the purse has been split.[6][7]

The Ripley's Believe It or Not! television show, on September 3, 2003,[8] pitted Archer and Jeremy Jones against each other in an challenge match in speed pool.

 The show had them timed against each other, to try to beat the record, which at that time stood at 1 minute 30 seconds[9] to break a full rack of balls and then pocket all fifteen balls, and then move to another table and do it again. Archer was the victor.

The event was recorded in a warehouse in Los Angeles where other challenge matches were also taking place to beat records.

Archer has recently[clarification needed] rejoined the staff of Inside Pool Magazine, where he writes a monthly instruction column.[10]

For 2007, he was ranked #3 in Pool & Billiard Magazine's "Fans' Top 20 Favorite Players" poll.[11]

Titles and achievements


Personal life

 Archer lives in Acworth, Georgia, and is also an avid golfer. Archer ascribes his strong pool break to playing a lot of golf, noting similarities in having the timing right and using one's whole body in the stroke.[12] Archer also has had two children with his wife Melanie. He co-owns Marietta Billiard Club in Marietta Georgia


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